Digital Ethnography

  1. Prof Wesch

    Seeking the Zeitgeist

    I created a new tab on my Netvibes page of the feeds that help me stay on top of the latest buzz.  It represents less than 10% of the feeds I actually check, but I thought it would be useful to have these particular feeds on a single page for...
  2. Prof Wesch

    Participatory Media Literacy: Why it matters

    Those of us striving to integrate participatory media literacy practices into our classes often face resistance.  Other faculty might argue that we are turning away from the foundations of print literacy, or worse, pandering to our tech-obsessed students.  Meanwhile, students might resist too, wondering why they have to learn to...
  3. Prof Wesch

    Kilpatrick on Education as Life

    Daniel Willingham has an interesting response to Steve Hargadon today in the Britannica Forum (I highly recommend both articles) in which he references an article by William Kilpatrick, which I consider a must-read. In the article, Kilpatrick has some great lines like, “We have for years increasingly desired that education...
  4. Prof Wesch

    Britannica Forum on Classroom 2.0

    I’m part of a forum on “classroom 2.0″ over on Britannica this week. It should be fun. We have some very thoughtful contributors with many different perspectives participating, including Steve Hargadon, Mark Bauerlein, Dan Willingham, David Cole, Michael Horn, John Seely Brown, and many others. Here is a snippet from...

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Our work explores how humans use media, how media uses us, and how we can use new media to reveal our insights in new ways.

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