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Through its servers and bandwidth, Youtube has created a global forum where anyone with internet access can communicate with anyone else face to face across any distance. There are a vast commuity of members who communicate regularly from all corners of the Earth. Together they are collectively laughing, celebrating, relating, and marveling across many boundaries.

This new form of communication has created global movements that connect people. The Free-Hugs Campaign is an example of this. It was started by one man, named Juan Mann, in Sydney Australia. Since posted on youtube it has received responses from many different countries and similar campaigns have also been started because of it. Ultimately this tool allows a new level of personality while relieving geographic boundaries.



  1. c daly

    November 27, 2007

    nice video. the music works really well. can i ask u what software u used 2 create it and how you did the zooming in and out for the youtube stuff. would like to get started on my own videos using a similar format!

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