Collaboration Strategies

Now 2 weeks into our new project I am really pleased with the collaboration strategy we have adopted.  You can check out the revised platform here.  Here’s a screenshot with labels:


As you can see, each student-researcher has their own blog.  These blogs are aggregated through a Yahoo pipe posted on the upper left.  Comments are also aggregated below that.  When you click on a post, it conveniently opens a viewing window right on Netvibes with a list of all the other recent posts to the left.

Blog Viewer

Our shared Diigo links can be viewed in the same way:

Diigo Links

Of course, a few screenshots do not do it justice, so go check it out if you are interested.  It has really been an amazing way to work together.  We are really buzzing with great ideas right now and creating a great project.  More soon …


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5 Responses

  1. Dear Professor, could you summaries the core principals you used to guide the creation and format of this collaborative platform, thanks !

  2. Will Chinda says:

    Really nice way to bring all this content together. I can’t imagine it was too difficult to setup. Is this the new LMS?

    Visually, though I do have one complaint: everything is flat. There’s nothing that tells me one blog post or link or date is more important than another. Maybe if there was a widget for most commented blog posts, or important messages from the instructor.

  3. graham says:

    RE Will

    or just cloud it

  4. Wolf87 says:

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  5. Red26 says:

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