Great deal at Target

Downloading pics from my camera-phone today …

Target Deal


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24 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    I see these ‘deals’ at my Target all the time. You’re lucky if you can find the original price tag.

  2. B. Wolper says:

    Caveat emptor.

  3. Jason says:

    To be fair to Target, it doesn’t say anywhere that this is a special price. It just says “As Advertised”; they’re highlighting products from their ads in the stores, too (which makes sense because putting them in the ads means they want to increase people’s awareness of them – the store is a natural extension).

  4. Alex says:

    Target is perfectly aware that this is a trick, but there’s nothing illegal or even particularly shady about it. The moral of the story is, when you see a sign in a store, you have to READ THE WHOLE THING to figure out if it’s actually a good deal or not!

  5. Am I missing something? Seems as though if you are person who typically buys multiple quantities of a partiuclar product, then you are saving money here. The advertisement is 2 for 2.49. The regular pice is 2.49 each. So, basically you pay the regular price for one and you get the 2nd free.

    What am I missing?

  6. Troup says:

    It says 2 for 4.98, so its just the same as the normal price but trying to get people to buy more items than they might actually want or need.

  7. Troup says:

    Thats a response to Stewart Crais by the way, im not just describing the obvious to everyone else

  8. Nick says:

    The shelf tags are changed when the new price takes effect.

    this is no mystery. they change the shelf tag, then apply a sign over top. I have my staff (not in target) do it every morning.

    and i have people, every day, say the same things.. “the shelf price is the same as the sale price”.

  9. Andrew says:

    The “shelf tag” is not changed when a sale goes on.

    I work at Target, when the new ad is put up we simply put up the “Sale”, “Special Purchase” or “As Advertised” signs.

    So in response to Nick, the price has not been changed on items that are listed as “As Advertised” typically.

  10. jalil says:

    Haha!! This tells you how much they care about their customers!! Nice find!!

  11. Songs4Jane says:

    Grocery stores do that all the time. Unless somewhere on the sign it says “Regular X.XX$ Each”, chances are the price/item won’t change regardless of how many you buy.

  12. barry says:

    Hah, what’s the rush? They’re Archway Flatbreads and they have preservatives — they can sit on the shelves for monthssss!

  13. Adam says:

    Am I seeing this wrong? It says 2 for 2.48 whereas the original price for 1 is 2.49. Is that not a good deal? 2 for the price of 1? Hmmm but in fine print next it seems to say 2.48 each? Strange.

  14. Anne says:

    This in itself is an interesting anthropology study — the fact that 12 different people looked at the same picture and two of them saw something different!

  15. Violeta says:

    I have a better one. I have seen tags in the store with one price, then when I pay the cash register shows another price (higher). Whn I complain they tell me the prices are not correct on the aisles and what the register machine says counts.
    That happened to me with a hair product and then when I bought a craddle for my baby. The last time the difference was almost 50% of the total price.

  16. Michael says:

    “The House always wins.” As long as I THINK I am getting a good deal, I might as well buy 4 of them!

  17. Okay… I guess I am an idiot…. I could have sworn the ad said “2 for 2.49″!

  18. Adam says:

    Oh dang – Stewart, I’m right there with you! I thought it said 2 for 2.49 too! haha thanks everyone for letting my previous comment slide…. :-)

  19. Ann Krembs says:

    I agree with Anne up above. I think it’s pretty funny. We all just want a deal when it boils down to it. Man, I’d just love a trip to Target. It hasn’t arrived in India yet!

  20. Ann Krembs says:

    By coincidence I watched Story of Stuff right after reading this post:

    I couldn’t help but think of Target as I was watching the video…

    Mind you, I love TARGET! And everything I purchase gets used!!

  21. Dustin Keltner says:

    I used to pull that same thing when I worked at Wendy’s. People coming through the drive-thru would see the 5-piece chicken nuggets for 99 cents and would ask if they were available in any other denominations.

    “Yes, sir. You can have a 10 piece for $1.98, or a fifteen piece is also available for the bargain price of $2.97.”

    I was frequently asked to stop being such a smartass while I was at work.

  22. Pete says:

    Target 101
    As Advertised= Advertising always low prices. Highlights what items were pictured in the ad.
    Sale= Discounted price as shown in the weekly ad. These are the discounted items that have a lowered price during the ad.


  23. Denise says:

    That’s an awesome pic. Hilarious!

    Shopping strategy makes a difference and timing certainly does. We saved quite a bit of holiday budget to wait for the expected after-holiday sales. That was part of our plan ahead of time. Since then, we have been looking through bargains worth picking up. It’s not about being overly frugal, but simply smart shopping. In fact, we bought a large LCD TV over the holiday. We also sold or gave away some stuff on Craigslist to those who can need some stuff more than we do.

    As consumers, we are all trying to make do and get as much as possible for each dollar spent. Lately my family and I have been doing more research before buying anything, and have also done more online shopping and looked harder for better deals. As mentioned previously, we have not stopped spending, however.

    One of the online sites we have found to be useful is:

    They do have some interesting bargains listed that are not available even on price search engines. We were able to get more for each dollar. Hope that’s useful info for some.

  24. tom says:

    I did not want to leave a comment, but Stew Crais just made me laugh so hard, I had to do it. This guy left 3 posts without looking at the picture and while asking why everyone was not “seeing” the obvious. Then he admitted he is an idiot. Kudos to your judgment. I am glad you finally got the right answer. And we agree. Please leave more posts without reading or looking at the caption to drive the point home.