The Visions of Students Today – Call for Submissions!

We’re working on a new video, tentatively titled “The Visions of Students Today.” We are hoping that a few students all over the world will be willing to show us how they see their world and how they learn. If you are a student, or even better: a professor or teacher trying to come up with a great way to start off the semester, we hope you will consider submitting a 2 minute video showing us scenes of what you see in your everyday life during your most critical learning moments. Importantly, these critical learning moments may not be in the classroom. They might be with friends, online, watching TV, playing videogames, or playing other games. They can be anywhere with anybody (or nowhere with nobody). For students, this is your chance to really show us how you learn. And of course, feel free to show us how you don’t learn as well. Critique us. Show us what doesn’t work. And most importantly, try to find clever ways to show it.

To submit, submit your video on YouTube with the tag: VOST2011. Submissions will be due by February 15th (a great way to kick off the semester, reflecting on learning and learning to edit video at the same time!) We’ll take all the submissions, remix them, and publish them all together in a final video along with a website showcasing all the submissions along with additional materials where teachers and students can find more information and resources.

As you may know, the working title is a play off of a video we produced almost 4 years ago: A Vision of Students Today (below). This project inverts the scene, putting the camera in the hands of the students. We hope that this vision from the students point of view will give us all a better vision of how to make better learning environments for all of us.


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19 Responses

  1. Gail Desler says:

    Just wanted to check that your invitation includes K-12 students.

  2. Prof Wesch says:

    Yes, but we will want to make sure we have parental permission to post and remix the videos of any minors.

  3. Gail Desler says:

    Are you OK with the video permission slips we use within our own school districts?

  4. Prof Wesch says:

    Yes, that would be fine.

  5. Gail Desler says:

    Thanks. What a great opportunity for students to provide a window into how they learn outside of school (when they don’t have to be learning).

  6. What a great idea! I’ll definitely be sharing it with my colleagues and students.

  7. Always enjoy–and am inspired–by your work. Very much looking forward to seeing what you and your students produce next.

  8. Andy Hanson says:

    Great idea! I was in one of your classes back in the late 90′s when you were a grad student. I loved your stories then, and you’re just getting better at telling them. I’ll share the idea with my colleagues and hope that they submit something useful to your students. Keep up the good work!

  9. mtcleroux says:

    “The Machine is Us/ing Us” and the educational implications of “A Vision of Students Today” were epiphanies. Global collaboration on the next project can extend the insight worldwide. Thank you for sharing such an engaging experience with viewers and future collaborators.

  10. Erik says:


    How about input from schools in the Netherlands? No guarantee, but I can ask some enthousiastic teachers here!


  11. Heidi says:

    What a great idea. Our learning resource teacher just sat down with a group of 7 and 8 students who struggle in school. They had some eye-opening things to say. I can’t wait to see what this project reveals.!

  12. julia says:

    Great Idea! Does it matter what we use for videotaping? Is a flip camera good enough quality or do you want it on a camcorder?

  13. Prof Wesch says:

    Anything will work. Most of my students will be using Flips, Zi-8s and a few Hero HD pov cameras.

  14. Thanks Professor Wesch for this opportunity. With inspiration from you and another teacher we’ve started a class called “Web 2.0/PLNs” and this project is perfect for us. We have all seniors and will provide permission slips as instructed above.

    We have a whole list of “objectives” that I’d like to pair down under three things you outlined in your TEDxKC speech (giving you credit of course) 1) Embrace real problems 2) with students. 3) harnessing the Web 2.0 tools.

    Thanks again

  15. Mecca says:

    Thank-you for sharing this blog and your concerns, which I know will be echoed throughout the nation by fellow students who are worried about the future.

  16. Tim says:

    Hi Professor Wesch,

    I am a student from Bond University, located on the Gold Coast Australia. I am currently undertaking a subject called Digital Media and Society. I am undertaking the construction of my own podcast for the course and have taken up the challenge of Communication in the 21st century. Should you have any information on this topic it would be much appreciated!!!!

    Furthermore I was hoping to use the backing track as used by you in your ‘Vision for Students today’ youtube video, would this be ok?

    I would be happy to post the file on your blog/to you on completion regardless.


    Tim Parry-Jones
    Marketing/Advertsing Student, Bond University Australia.

  17. KariB says:

    Hi! I’m curious if you will be remixing the video from Facebook that people have uploaded or if you will still need the original footage (files or tapes or whatever) to make the final video? I’m a film student and very interested in how these kinds of project work. Thanks so much!

  18. matthew henstridge says:

    hello professor Wesch,

    I am a grade 10 student in a grade 11 media course in french. My class and I were ask to pick an article of our choice and leave a comment on our opinion on the article we picked. I decided to chose the last article which was “The Visions Of Students Today” because the title caught my attention and so my opinion on this article was that i tough it was very cool and interesting on how you came up with the idea to have people show the world what goes on in there life and the effect on their lives because to be able to see how people learn and don’t learn inside of school in other parts of the world can be much different to the way you learn because most of the time its not always the same learning strategies and teaching ways all throughout the world and they don’t see how other people and other schools learn and interact in their classes.

    matthew henstridge

  19. I like it when individuals get together and share opinions.

    Great site, continue the good work!