Seeking the Zeitgeist

I created a new tab on my Netvibes page of the feeds that help me stay on top of the latest buzz.  It represents less than 10% of the feeds I actually check, but I thought it would be useful to have these particular feeds on a single page for a quick glance now and then.    Feel free to take a look, and let me know if you have any suggestions for what I might add or remove.


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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this Tab with us. I found it very interesting the things you look at to keep up with the Zeitgeist. I too have my own method for keeping up with things, but I did add a couple of new feeds to my list from yours. Thanks again for sharing!!

  2. AJ Cann says:

    Interesting idea, but wouldn’t it be better to aggregate this content into a single stream you can dip into, e.g. using FriendFeed? If you’re desperate to use Netvibes, send the aggregated RSS feed from Friendfeed to a Netvibes RSS widget.

  3. Prof Wesch says:

    AJ: That doesn’t work because some of the high-quality streams delivering the best material only release something once/week or even less. Their material would be buried or hard to catch if all the streams were aggregated.

  4. Marc Tirel says:

    Hello Michael,

    We met in Berlin last december.
    You may want to add the feed from this blog to your list :

    HAve a good year full of transformations !

  5. Marc Tirel says:

    This one as well is kind of cool ! :

  6. Gilkerson says:

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