mike.jpgProfessor Michael Wesch

I am an assistant professor of cultural anthropology, but first and foremost I am a student of the world. I have the coolest job in the world, organizing massive teams of K-State students into global citizens working for a better tomorrow. My job description calls it “teaching” but I don’t believe in that.

AdamAdam Bohannon

I am a cultural anthropology student with primary interests in symbolism, consciousness, ritual, and rites of passage. Of course, anthropology is an infinitely rich discipline with multitudes of interesting nooks and crannies; it would be close to impossible, certainly exhausting, to list all those that pique my interest. I am also interested in education. Each day I try my best to challenge myself to become more of an active learner. It is my hope that by doing so I might have a fighting chance at avoiding, in the words of Marshall McLuhan, looking at the present through a rear-view mirror and marching backwards into the future.

BeckyRebecca Roth

As a senior in Cultural Anthropology, i have first and formost discovered that learning is addictive, as I cannot see myself stopping anytime soon. Since my 6 month stint in community development in townships and special needs institutions in South Africa, I have become inspired to pursue african and community development studies. Regions I’d like to look more closely at include post conflict areas and natural disaster sites, which may include a return to South Africa to concentrate on the post apartheid state of this multi nation country.

Adam halloween Adam Monroe

For me Anthropology has been the subject I always wanted to study, but never new existed. I was half way through my third year of college and had been perfecting the shotgun approach to course selection. I then found out a little more about what Anthropology was and all of the class I had taken, that peaked my interests, were required study for Anthro majors. My main interests are the diversity among human beings, language, emotion, and music. I am dedicated to a band called Kula Voyage, which was named from the pages of a cultural antho textbook, and am hoping this class will expand my ability to express myself in a world wide manner.

Lindsay Lindsay Onley

I began my educational excursion by pursuing a degree in studio art. Since then however my interests remain the same, but my aspirations have changed. I am currently working toward degrees in Anthropology, and Biology while completing a pre-med certificate. Foremost among my interests are art in culture, medical ethics, closing the educational gap, and preventing corporate waste. Despite relentless amounts of formal education, I find that I continue to learn the most simply by being…a mother, friend, woman, teacher…

Seiji Seiji Ikeda

I’m a graduate student in Art: Visual Communications. My thesis encompasses aspects of cultural anthropology; cultural sustainability and new media. I’m still developing the idea. I travel, take snapshots, collect toy figurines, etc. One of my first jobs entailed collecting hundreds of eyeballs from cows.


Robert Hinderliter

I am a senior in English and Anthropology. My primary interests in anthropology are human rights, power relations, and religion. Outside of anthropology, I’m interested in creative writing, pumpkin carving, music, literature, movies, philosophy, animals, politics, sports, advances in space travel, poker, and cooking. In that order. Anthropology fascinates me because even though it provides knowledge about the past, it is still extremely relevant today. A good understanding of anthropology helps us see the big picture of the world we all live in and have to share with each other.

mmw-germany.jpgCurtis Schwieterman

I am a sixth year undergraduate focusing on Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Geography, and International Studies. I became intrigued with Anthropology after my wonderings made in Europe, it was then when I switched my science based geographical studies to cultural studies and made anthropology my primary major. My interests in anthropology include changes in tradition, sense of place, ideologies, belief systems, structures, and other elements and the causes of these changes, specifically governmental shifts. A region of my interests lie in the postsoviet states of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Melissa Krehbiel

Melissa I am a senior in Anthropology, focusing on Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology. My interests include gender studies, “development” in the global south, fair trade, human-environment relations, myths, literature and symbolism, effects of mass media and culture change. As a kid I was always a Discovery Channel/PBS documentary addict and my favorite genre to read was historical fiction. So I guess it shouldn’t be so surprising that I chose anthropology. Last summer I spent 6 weeks in Mexico brushing-up on my Spanish and trying to get a taste of cultural immersion. I loved it and can’t wait to go back.
LeeinpinkLee Redlingshafer

I am in my 5th year at Kansas State, and will be graduating sometime next year. I decided to major in Anthropology after taking Dr. Wesch’s Cultural Anthropology class in the fall of my 3rd year. I am interested in a number of cultural phenomenon related to politics, religion, education, and other institutions. I also enjoy snowboarding, motorcycling, frisbee golf, and going to music shows so that I can dance my face off. I have been to Germany, India, and the Dominican Republic and can’t wait to travel again.