Digital Ethnography

  1. Prof Wesch

    Gardening on Solsbury Hill

    This past week at the Educause Learning Initiatives conference I had the pleasure of reconnecting with my good friend Gardner Campbell. Every time I meet up with Gardner I am faced with a rush of epiphanies. It is as if he really were a gardener, churning up the soil of...
  2. Prof Wesch

    Why Good Classes Fail

    This is a quick little essay about why a teacher can employ all the “right methods” (pick your buzzword: student-centered, learning-centric, participatory, collaborative, problem-based, etc.) and embrace all the most rich, compelling, and engaging technologies, and still fail. This is an essay in the true sense of the word (which...
  3. Prof Wesch

    A Tech-Happy Professor Reboots

    A Tech-Happy Professor Reboots After Hearing His Teaching Advice Isn’t Working by Jeffrey Young, The Chronicle for Higher Education Michael Wesch has been on the lecture circuit for years touting new models of active teaching with technology. The associate professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University has given TED...
  4. Prof Wesch

    Subjects or Subjectivites?

    As an alternative to the idea that we teach “subjects,” I’ve been playing with the idea that what we really teach are “subjectivities”: ways of approaching, understanding, and interacting with the world. Subjectivities cannot be “taught” – only practiced. They involve an introspective intellectual throw-down in the minds of students....
  5. Prof Wesch

    The Future of State Universities

    Today I am at the Future of State Universities conference in Dallas. The event calls together university presidents, provosts, state governors and other key institutional players to rethink the future of higher education. No expense has been spared … everybody invited attends for free, the schwag is top-notch, our agenda...

About Digital Ethnography

Our work explores how humans use media, how media uses us, and how we can use new media to reveal our insights in new ways.

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