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  1. Prof Wesch

    A Tech-Happy Professor Reboots

    A Tech-Happy Professor Reboots After Hearing His Teaching Advice Isn’t Working by Jeffrey Young, The Chronicle for Higher Education Michael Wesch has been on the lecture circuit for years touting new models of active teaching with technology. The associate professor...
  2. Prof Wesch

    How our class works

    Last semester some students joined me for an interview with Lynda Weinman of to discuss how our class works. You can see the full webinar here:
  3. Prof Wesch

    Maker Bots and the Future of Identity

    I picked up Reverend Jim Groom last night from the airport. He stopped by on his way to track down the notorious hacker @emre5807 and help us launch our new “Ed Parkour” initiative here on campus. As you may know,...
  4. Prof Wesch

    Subjects or Subjectivites?

    As an alternative to the idea that we teach “subjects,” I’ve been playing with the idea that what we really teach are “subjectivities”: ways of approaching, understanding, and interacting with the world. Subjectivities cannot be “taught” – only practiced. They...
  5. Prof Wesch

    Michael Wesch: It’s a Pull, Pull World.

    from THE Journal By John K. Waters 10/12/11 Educators play a critical role in the development of the essential skills students need to navigate the blizzard of unfiltered information available to them via the Web. Michael Wesch, associate professor of...

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